Top 10 Omaha Tips

Omaha poker is an awesome poker game, derived from Texas Hold’em. The games are much the same, but the slight differences involved completely change a players poker strategy in Omaha. In the following article, we will offer the top 10 Omaha tips that will help players adjust from the typical game play of Texas Hold’em to the more intricate strategies of Omaha poker.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #1 – Know the Rules
Just because you’ve read over the rules of Omaha does not mean you are truly prepared to take on numerous opponents, with real money on the table. Making the transition from Texas Hold’em to Omaha is not always as simple as it seems. In Omaha poker, hand development is the biggest change you’ll need to adjust to.

You get 4 hole cards, not just 2, but you are only allowed to use 2 of them in your final hand. In fact, you MUST use two of them, combined with three holes cards. Do not let yourself be fooled by what appears to be an awesome hand, when in reality, you won’t be able to use it.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #2 – Starting Hands
The strength of a starting hand is completely different from Texas Hold’em, as well. Pocket Aces lose value, while suited connectors – even middle range ones – become much stronger. A hand like 5c-6d-8c-9d is a solid starting hand, as it has the potential to become a Flush in two optional suits, and can easily connect into a Straight. Omaha is a game of Straights, Flushes and Full Houses. Top Pair, or even Two Pair, rarely takes the pot.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #3 – Don’t be a Calling Station
Because there are 4 hole cards, too many players want to go on to see the Flop on each and every hand. This is the fastest way to siphon your chips into an opponent’s stack. Even though several of your opponents are likely to make this mistake, you need to avoid it. Wait for string starting hands and fold out on the rest.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #4 – Flop Evaluation
when evaluating the flop, you must be able to determine all possible hands that will beat your own. Since this is Omaha poker, not Texas Hold’em, the likelihood of another player having one of these better hands is greatly increased. Know how many hands can beat you, and how many outs you have to improve beyond them, before placing another chip into the pot.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #5 Aww Nuts!
Omaha poker is often a game of Nuts. Look at the board, know the best possible hand someone could be holding, and be aware that if there’s a high bettor on the table, he probably has the Nuts. Texas Hold’em players know that Pocket Aces will often take down the pot, but Omaha poker players know that it’s going to take a lot more than a few pretty Aces to win at a full table.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #6 – Maintain Composure
This goes for any poker game really, but having the patience to wait for a winning Omaha poker hand, and the discipline to maintain composure in between these times, is the number one way to win Omaha poker. This means that you must never show emotion, never get frustrated, and absolutely never place a bet/raise simply because you’re getting bored!

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #7 – Semi-Bluff Only
In Omaha poker, you can expect several players to stay in the hand to see the flop, even if they don’t have premium holdings to begin with. For this reason, you never want to straight out bluff in Omaha. Instead, you should semi-bluff at best, and even then on rare occasion. This means that if you are going to bluff, you should have a decent hand with several outs to a better hand.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #8 – Start Small
As we’ve stated, the extreme difference in strategies between Texas Hold’em and Omaha can be hard to adjust to. It is highly recommended to start at the lowest possible stakes. In fact, if you can play practice games first, without putting real money on the line, you should do so.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #9 – Advancing Stakes
When you find success at the lowest possible stakes, only then should you consider advancing the stakes to a higher level. We’re not talking about winning a single table, or cashing in one tournament, but consistent winning success. When you do advance, only go up a single stakes level. Again, you need to experience consistent success before the next level increase.

Top 10 Omaha Tips: #10 – Managing your Bankroll
In Omaha, the amount of cash you bring to the table corresponds to the limit you’re playing, and the size of the blinds. First things first, never bring more than 10% of your entire bankroll to a single poker table. Next, we’ll list the required amount to bring to the table, according to the limit played.

Fixed Limit Omaha: 100x big Blind
Pot Limit/No Limit Omaha: 400x Big Blind

For example, if playing Fixed Limit Omaha at $1/$2 stakes, you would need a bankroll of at least $200 ($2 x 100). A No Limit Omaha game of $1/$2 stakes would require an $800 bankroll ($2 x 400). If you’re just starting out, try a Fixed Limit game of Omaha with minimal stakes, like $0.02/$0.04, where you only need about $40 to join the table.

If you find your bankroll to be depleted, do not chase losses by advancing the stakes, and by no means should you spend money that is already budgeted elsewhere (rent/mortgage, car payment, groceries, bills, etc.)

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