Idea behind a poker bonus

As you may or may not know already, most online poker rooms offer any number of promotional bonuses for new players as well as those who have been playing in their poker room for some time. These bonuses are often offered as a way to entice people to continue playing, accumulating specific points offered by each poker room. In most cases, in addition to earning you promotional bonuses, these points can also be used to buy various items in the poker room’s online store, or to buy in to certain tournaments without spending money. So accumulating these points can be worthwhile in and of itself.

Is a bonus always good?

When participating in a promotional offer in which you can earn free money by accumulating these points, the money is often released in small portions. There may be a promotional offer that will offer you $100 for free. This is a great thing of course, free money is not something to ever turn your nose up at, but you have to be careful. In order to earn that free money and clear the bonus you have to gamble with money you already have, and this can often entice players to over stretch what they can afford to play with. Many times players will sit on tables that are well above the stakes limit they should be playing at for the bankroll they have to play with in an attempt to accumulate poker points faster, and thereby earn the free money bonus faster. Doing this can gain the free money promotion faster, but if you are not careful, or even if you run into a run of bad luck on one or two hands, it can also cost you a good portion of your bankroll, if not the whole thing.

How does it work?

The way these promotions generally work is as follows: first third party websites offer you poker bonus codes, the promotion is for x number of dollars, and you must accumulate y number of poker points to release that free money. That money is usually given out in small increments as you accumulate points, most commonly $10 at a time will be deposited into your poker account as you collect the points needed for that amount of money. Once the funds are deposited into your poker account, they may be used to play any of the real money games available in your poker room. So you do not necessarily have to earn enough points to collect the entire bonus, just enough to collect whatever you can manage while still adhering to the rules set by your own bankroll management strategy.

The key to these promotions is not to let them entice you to over extend yourself. Yes, it is a wonderful thing to get $100 for free, but not if it cost you $200 to get the points needed to earn that money. So do not under any circumstances allow yourself to overextend your bankroll in the pursuit of some promotional event the poker room is offering. You may want to play a little more often than you might normally, but do not play for higher stakes than your current bankroll management strategy will allow. This will only lead to trouble in the long run.

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