Texas Holdem
Texas Holdem is by far the most played type of real money poker there is. If you are playing Holdem it is either limit, or no-limit. Limit is meaning that there can only be placed a bet until a set amount. With no-limit people at the table can bet all their money into the pot, going all-in.

Texas Holdem is played by 2 to 10 people. Every round one player is appointed as a dealer, he will receive a dealer button. This will be done clockwise. Beginning with the person left from the dealer everybody will receive two closed cards. The first player left to the dealer is on the small blind, this means he has to make a small deposit before the start. The second player left to the dealer is on the big blind and will be forced to post a bigger deposit right away. The goal of the game is to get the highest possible combination of five cards or make everybody believe you have it so they will fold out of the game.

When everybody has received two closed cards and the blinds have been posted the first round (preflop) of the game can start. Everybody can now decide based on the two cards in hands if they are going to call (match the big blind), raise (bet a bigger amount) or fold (decide not to play this round). It will start with the player left of the big blind and will go clockwise until everybody has posted the same amount at the table or folded out of the game.

After the preflop round is finished there will be a flop. This means that the dealer will turn 3 open cards onto the table. Again a round of betting will follow.

The 4 th card that is turned open on the table is called the turn. Round of betting will follow.

The fifth and final card to be turned open on the table is called the river. After this has happened every player now knows what is the best possible combination of cards he can make with the 5 cards on the table and the two cards in his or her hands. After the river a last round of betting will take place.

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