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Everest Poker RatingEverest Poker RatingEverest Poker RatingEverest Poker RatingEverest Poker RatingEverest Poker Rating  6 / 10
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Everest Poker’s online poker room sets itself apart from most other online poker rooms with its smoother interface and graphics settings. When you sit down to any table on Everest, you find yourself in a realistic poker environment. Unlike most online poker rooms in which you are usually looking at some cartoon avatar, or maybe even a photo of the players at the table, Everest Poker sets you down at a life like poker table, surrounded by full body avatars, which gives you the impression that you are sitting at a live poker table. Read more about the $200 welcome bonus at our Everest Poker bonus page.


Unfortunately the list of games available to play on Everest is very limited. They only offer Texas Hold em and Omaha games. If you are looking for an online poker room with a variety of games to play, than this is not the place for you. However, the interface is smooth and the in game graphics are better than most. If you want an online poker room that is easy to play on and makes an effort to immerse you in the game, Everest’s online poker room definitely delivers.

As for the games, only Texas hold em and Omaha are available for play. The hold em games are available in limit, pot limit, and no limit formats, Omaha is only available in limit and pot limit. There is no option to play Omaha hi lo either, only Omaha hi, so players who enjoy the increased action offered by the chance of a lo pot in Omaha hi lo are going to be disappointed with this online poker room as well.


There are plenty of sit and go tournaments as well as scheduled tournaments available. One thing Everest does off are freeroll tournaments to player who have not even made a deposit in which you can build up a bank roll from scratch. So if you like to play free poker games, and you would like the opportunity to build up a bankroll without having to deposit any money in the first place, it is possible to do on Everest. It won’t be easy though. The winners of the freeroll tournaments each receive $0.20 plus a step 1 tournament token which can be used to buy in to a restricted free roll in which the prize is higher. However, If you are a strong tournament player, the opportunity to make money from nothing is definitely there. Even if you can manage to win a few of the base free rolls, winning twenty cents at a time until you manage to collect a few dollars, you at least then have the opportunity to increase that bank roll on the micro stakes cash tables.


Overall I rate Everest Poker’s online poker room with 6 stars out of 10. The limit on games available is disappointing, but they make up for it with a smooth interface and realistic environment in which to play. The prospect of being able to build up a bankroll without having ever made a single deposit is enticing, and the sign up bonus offer is pretty good.

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