The Party Poker Bonus Code for 2011 is NLPARTY. This code will make sure you will be upgraded from the regular $100 bonus to a giant $500 poker bonus. The bonus is released in 10% increments. Wagering requirements depend on the depositing currency. USD deposits require the player to earn points equaling 6x the deposit + bonus, EUR deposits require 8x points, GBP deposits 9x points. Any uncleared bonus will expire after 60 days. Use our welcome bonus code for a maximum bonus of $500.

Visit: and get up to $500!

Where to enter the bonus code?

You can enter the bonus code in the right top field “Bonus Code:”, Enter NLPARTY if you like to get $500 bonus instead of $100.

How does this bonus work?

You might wonder why Party Poker is giving away 500 dollar in bonus when you can just as well go to another room right after. That is right, but there is a cath. Party Poker makes sure you have to wager a certain amount of money before giving you the bonus. Like stated above you need to earn points that equal 6 times up to 9 times the deposit. This way Party Poker allready knows you have made them a certain amount in rake before giving you part of this rake back as a bonus.

At the same time this bonus will encourage new poker players to keep playing at Party Poker. Because the bonus needs to be cleared within 60 days you can not just create an account and forget about it. Party Poker will be sure to send you an email reminding you about the poker bonus about to expire. So it is both a safe bonus because they allready have part of the money back before they payout and a great promotion and retention tool for new players.

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