While Everest may not offer a wide variety of different poker games, (in fact, the selection of games is rather small) they do have some very good promotional bonuses with which you can earn a great percentage of money for free.

Everest Sign Up Bonus up to $500!

One of the best things about Everest Poker’s online poker room is the initial sign up bonus. True, most other poker rooms offer a sign up bonus that is much higher in terms of dollar amount, but they don’t even come close when you stop to consider the profit margin that you can earn with the sign up bonus which Everest’s poker room offers. The initial sign up bonus is only $200 (now temporary $500), but it is available regardless of your initial deposit. If you deposit $100 as your first deposit, then you will have made a profit of 200% right there. That’s already 90% higher of a profit margin offered by most other online poker rooms. However, you can even do better than that. They do not restrict the $200 bonus to any amount deposited with the first deposit. You can even make a $10 deposit, and you are still eligible for the $200 sign up bonus. Now that’s a huge profit margin of 2000%. No other online poker room comes even close to those numbers. Use bonus code WELCOME to get your poker bonus is 2011 of $200!

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Snowball Freerolls

Everest Poker is offering exclusive “snowball freerolls” in which the prize pool “snowballs” up every week in accordance with player participation. The first freeroll tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $2,500. The freeroll tournament for the following week will offer the same prize pool as the first week, plus Everest will add an additional $1 to the prize pool for every player that played in the previous week’s snowball tournament. This will continue each week, snowballing the prize pool of each freeroll tournament higher and higher, adding up to $7,500 each week to the prize pool. The prize pool can snowball all the way up to a total of $55,000! That’s an awesome prize pool for a freeroll.

You can’t just register into the freeroll though. You have to earn your seat. If you earn 5 summit points each day from Saturday through Thursday during the week preceding the tournament, or 300 points overall, you earn a seat in the snowball freeroll. You are also given a seat by making a first deposit or referring a friend to Everest as well. Everest will also be holding satellites to the snowball tournament you can buy in to for 250 summit points. Super satellites are free to join and will earn you a seat into the 250 summit point buy in snowball satellite tournament.

If you want a chance to compete for one of the largest prizes available in a freeroll tournament, Everest Poker’s snowball tournaments are the opportunity you’ve been looking for. If you have what it takes, you can find yourself sitting in this massive freeroll for free by playing your way through the super satellite, then the satellite tournaments. Once you pass those, you’re on your way to winning one of the biggest free prizes available in online poker.

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