Multi-Table Sit-n-Go Strategy
In our previous article, Single-Table Sit’n'Go Strategy, we discussed how scheduled Multi-Table tournaments and single-Table SNGs have a lot in common. You will find that Multi-Table SNGs also have a lot in common with scheduled tournaments in terms of strategic play.

The only significant difference between single and multi-table Sit’n'Go strategy is the game pace. You’ll still need to play a priority-based strategy with various goals to be reached before aiming for the top prize, but in the early stages, you won’t have the same player-reading opportunities.

In a multi-table tournament, the players get moved around from one table to another until finally consolidated into a single, final table. You may find yourself able to perfectly read a player, and when the next hand is dealt, he’s been moved to another table.

In order to use betting and behavioral patterns against an opponent, you’ll need to read them very quickly and take advantage of their weaknesses while you can. Until you get to the final table, player observance simply won’t be as effective.

Multi-Table Sit-n-Go Strategy – Outlasting the Reckless
Your first goal is to outlast the reckless players who would rather double up early than play with a low or moderate stack. These generally make up about ¼ to 1/5 of the entire field, so you can expect about two of these guys to be at your table when the multi-table sit’n'go begins.

The key to surviving this wave of haphazard bettors is to fold, fold and fold some more. Even with a good starting hand, never put a single chip into the pot unless you are willing to risk everything to win it (not recommended!) Just calling the blind will usually result in a slow, steady chip loss as you fold to the careless all-in pushes of these players. Conserve your stack for now until they eliminate themselves. Those who get lucky enough to stick around will tighten up when pleased with their stack size.

Multi-Table Sit-n-Go Strategy – Inside the Bubble
Your next goal is to finish inside the money bubble. If the top 15 get paid, your aim is to finish 15th. There shouldn’t be anymore sloppy players left, so you can adjust to a normal tight poker strategy, folding hands that are marginal or worse and only playing the solid starting hands.

Continue to be conservative with your chips so that, should you become low stacked, your chips should last you enough blinds to get you into the bubble. With premium starters and monster post-flop hands, gain as many chips as you can. Remember, you must work your way into the bubble or your entire investment is lost.

Multi-Table Sit-n-Go Strategy – Final Table
Assuming the bubble covers more than the final table, your next goal is to make it to the last group of consolidated players. Stay tight for the most part, but mix things up. Players are becoming more aware of your betting habits at this point, so you cannot allow yourself to become predictable. Use occasional late position bluffing to steal blinds. Be aggressive when you know an opponent will fold to scare tactics.

Multi-Table Sit-n-Go Strategy – The Ultimate Goal
At this point, you are guaranteed a pay off and should be very pleased with your performance thus far. It’s time to aim for the ultimate goal of winning the 1st place prize. Don’t worry about playing a tight game anymore; leave that to your opponents. Since they are going to be very conservative, you can use this to your advantage by siphoning chips from their stack on a regular basis.

Be relentlessly aggressive and increase your stack by stealing blinds and small pots as often as possible. The only thing you want to avoid is calling all-in pushes when you don’t have a great hand to back up the call, and of course going all-in yourself without a monster hand. Let the other players do the elimination work for you and once your heads-up, then go for gold.

Even if you don’t win 1st place, you’ve gotten some great experience and a nifty pay check that you should be very proud of!

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