5 Basic tips where you can focus on in your basic poker training. Mainly written for Texas Holdem but also good for other forms of poker.

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Game Choice
Start playing poker games with low stakes. Really start at the bottom and stay there longer then you would like to. It is important to master the basics before you start putting real money on the tables.

Before the Flop
This may be hard to believe but on average the good poker players lay down about 80% of their hands before the flop. This strong handselection preflop helps you on the long run. Also playing with the better hands gives you a continue advantage over your opponents. And it helps you from staying out of a situation where your hand is dominated.

During the game
A very obvious tip that can’t be brought up enough; Think about what kind of cards your opponents may be holding during the game. Try to remember when they made a bet or a raise, and what turned out to be their hand. Try to build up a profile of the people you are playing at all times. This can help you when you need to make a decission.

Out of the Game
Folded the hand preflop? Time to quickly check your email, NO! When you are not playing yourself this is the perfect moment to whatch the others at the table, make some notes and really pay attention. This time you are not “distracted” by your own cards and you can focus completely on the other players, and their actions.

The best way to learn is by making mistakes, and you probably will. But to make sure you learn from this write down after a series of game where you lost most of your hands, with what cards you tend to play to slow or to aggressive. Think about where should could have gotten more players into the pot or less. This will make you reflect and help you learn and improve real fast.

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