Rush Poker, the newest innovation from Full Tilt Poker, is a ground-breaking, action packed creation unlike anything ever seen in the online poker industry. Though the poker games themselves are much the same, it may require a whole to approach to strategic game play. This article is devoted to the development of an acute Rush Poker strategy.

Why Do I Need a Rush Poker Strategy?

If you’ve never played at Rush Poker, get ready for the speediest poker game of your life. As the name implies, Rush Poker was designed for expedient poker play. Every time you fold a hand, you are instantly thrown into a new hand, at a new table, where you can be dealt a new hand immediately.

There is no downtime at Rush Poker. The software is so sophisticated, you won’t even have to wait for early position bettors to make a decision. If you know you want to fold, you can do so out of position to ensure your next hand is dealt as quickly as possible.

What’s So Different about a Rush Poker Strategy?

Just because the games move so expediently doesn’t really change the Rush Poker strategy. However, a lack of player observation does. Since you are constantly being thrown into a new table, with new players, you won’t be afforded the opportunity to read your opponents. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In the same token, your opponents cannot get a read on you at Rush Poker. Strategy will require you to play each opponent in the same manner, without knowing who is playing loose, tight, fishy or maniacal. But you won’t have to guard yourself either. There’s no need to level your game play or mix things up to keep your opponents guessing.

Rush Poker Strategy – Tight Is Right!

Novice poker players are taught to play a tight poker game until they learn the ropes enough to take advantage of other poker strategies. At Rush Poker, strategy calls for returning to those roots. The only drawback to a tight poker strategy in general is that your opponents become accustomed to it.

At Rush Poker, that’s no longer an issue. Your opponents have no idea how many times you’ve folded, biding your time – and your chip stack – for those perfect Pocket Rockets, or suited A-K. They have no idea that you’re value betting to draw as many chips into the pot as possible.

Are there Any Obvious Reads?

There are only two categorical player types to worry about at Rush Poker, the fish and the tight players. Since you can’t guess who the fish are, you have to assume everyone is going to play a tight game, at least from a pre-flop stand point. However, some scenarios will give you a better read on the field.

For example, raising from early position may give you a chance to oust the tight late position bettors. With the option to quick-fold at Rush Poker, strategy would tell any tight player to fold instantly. Unless, that is, if the player has a worthy betting hand. Even a fish wouldn’t likely wait around to call an under-the-gun raise without a solid starting hand.

The reverse applies to the Big Blind Bettor, if no raise has been placed. This is the only player who is not given the option to quick-fold at Rush Poker, since he is already invested in the pot with no need to add chips to remain active. If this player waits it out and stays in the hand, do not assume he’s playing a tight game. He’s simply seeing a free flop!


Rush Poker has not been around that long, but for the moment, a solid, tight poker game seems to be the most effective Rush Poker strategy. Good luck!

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