Make Money Playing Poker 5/10: Pick your Tables

March 2, 2012 | by admin |

March 2nd 2012 – Welcome back to allready our fifth article in the MakeMoneyPlayingPoker series! Hopefully you found our last article about learning other games helpful! It is possible to make money in online poker. You may focus on your strategies while playing or table selection as two ways to succeed. The following will examine table selection. In online poker you usually have many choices when it comes to the tables. There is no reason to ignore any edge you can find and make more money.

Select the type of Table

Examine the competition first by looking at the tables, limits, and players. Most players have a specific game they enjoy playing such as Texas Hold’em versus Omaha. Once you decide on the poker variations, you need to determine your table limits i.e. how much are you willing to spend on one hand? If you do not have a limit, you may go for no limit poker; however, if you can only afford a few pounds it is best to look at the tables that fit your limits.

Determine your Limits

Poker tables do require a minimum bet, as well as placing limits on the game. There are tables that require only a few pounds where others may ask for at least 10 pounds for the initial bet and each subsequent bet.
Once you have the variation and limits required, you can begin to scope out the poker rooms that fit your needs. See who is at the tables and begin playing with conservative behaviour.

Choosing the Right Players

The online world of poker is full of inexperienced players who like to make large bets but end up losing. You can take advantage of these players once you find the right poker table. You may have to play a few rounds with the players at the poker tables that fit your requirements, but you will slowly learn the behaviours of those at the table. This is why you need to be conservative in your bets.
It won’t take too long to determine which players you want to sit with. Like you players generally return to the same tables or online site. After a few times of playing at the site of choice and checking out the different tables you should know the players to look for from then on. Basically, scope out the different players and make certain you return to those players who tend to lose more often.

Remember, you need to choose poker tables based on the game variation you enjoy, the limits you have, and then the players. It may take a little time, but you will eventually find tables you are comfortable with. Next week we will update you on how to pick positions once you are at a poker table, see you then!

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