Make Money Playing Poker 4/10: Learn other Poker Games

February 24, 2012 | by admin |

February 24th 2012 – After learning more about how mixing up your game can make you more money last week we will look at how playing different poker games can do the same. Learning other poker games will help mix up the play. Sometimes playing the same game gets boring. There are other times where you have to learn one type of game, so that you understand some of the main games. For instance, did you know Texas Hold’em and Omaha are variations of stud poker? If you know about stud poker you can play these other two games mentioned with little difficulty.

Stud Poker
Stud poker is based on a combination of face up and face down cards. There are multiple betting rounds in stud. You are usually dealt five or seven cards. From this game came community card poker games like Omaha.

Omaha Poker
In Omaha poker you are dealt face up cards, but you also have at least one face down card. There is a river in the game. You also have a flop. The flop is the first three face up cards on the board. The river is the last card dealt to see what hands can be pulled. The cards which are shared help make up the five or seven card game. It means you have cards in your hands and then you add cards from the flop to see which cards make the best hands.

Horse Poker
Horse is a mixed poker variation. It is a mix of Texas Hold’em, Omaha high low, Razz, seven card stud, and seven card stud eight or better. The game is played for a fixed number of hands. It can also be a fixed amount of time, so that the players move on to the next game before too much time elapsed. The idea is to actually spell HORSE for the win. It is sometimes played as part of poker tournaments.

These are just three of the poker variations that exist. If you want to step outside of your comfort zone playing one of these three games can be fun. There are plenty of other variations that can be found online too. For example, you have Omaha, Omaha high low, Omaha no limit, Texas Hold’em, Texas Hold’em no limit, and many others. Even if you want to play the same game, you can play one of the variations of the same game to change things up a bit. The choice is yours, but it never hurts to try out a different game even if it is only for a short amount of time. You will quickly notice you will become a better money player as soon as you do.

Next week we’ll discuss the best way to pick your tables, see you then!

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