Make Money Playing Poker 3/10: Mix up your Game

February 17, 2012 | by admin |

February 17th 2012 – Welcome back to the third article in the 10-piece Make Money Playing Poker series. Making real money in online poker requires you to use a few strategies; however, you do not want to become predictable in your game play. It is essential that you mix up your game in order to succeed. By mixing up your game, other players will be unsure of what you are really doing. Deception in poker is always good. If your game becomes readable you will have a tough time making the win. In fact, the only way you would be able to win is if you have the highest winning hand at the table and you play it through. Below you will find suggestions in how you can mix up your game.

Raise during the pre-flop

If you have suited cards that can connect with the right street and flops, there is every chance you can win the game. You should make other players wary of the cards you have in your hand by raising the bet early. It can force other players out of the game if they feel you have a better hand.

Vary the Betting Amount

If you always raise by two pounds, then you will fall into a stigma at the table. Players will not know if you have decided to bet because you have something or if you are just betting to raise. You should consider how much it is worth it to raise or if it is even worth it. In other words, you might decide you have a better hand, so you want to raise slowly, but you will at least vary it from the amount you bet last time.

Call with a hand you would raise

If you call instead of raising the hand you would normally raise with it may lead the other players to wonder the next time. Will you actually raise? Do you have the hand to do so? This helps you bluff your way into better winnings.

Show a bluff

There are times when it is okay to show a bluff. At the end when the winning is all over and done it can be handy to show a bluff. In this way, the other players will never know when you might be bluffing again.
The above tips can help you play a better game of online poker. They are also designed to help you mix up your game for better success overall at the online poker tables.

In case you are interested in other poker games as well, come back next week on friday the 24th of February and see how playing other games can improve your poker level and help you make more money in poker!

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