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April 24, 2012 | by admin |

888 Poker’s Android App may have some compatibility issues due to the fact that it’s based on Adobe Air technology, but overall, it delivers on just about every level in a satisfactory manner. The whole thing is a bit like the actual downloadable version of the 888 Poker software, optimized for touch-screen Android devices (COMING SOON: IPAD APP!).

888 Poker’s new Android app has always been aimed at compatibility. Indeed, the app runs on pretty much every Android-based mobile phone and tablet, but here’s a downside: it only runs on devices which support Adobe Air, which kind of defeats its purpose, but that’s how things are compatibility-wise right now.

The app can be downloaded directly from the 888 Poker website, where there’s a special section dedicated to it. Downloading takes a few seconds only given the fact that the downloadable .apk file is only 10MB big. Even those using slower connections will be able to fetch the app in under 3 minutes. Once downloaded and installed, the app will take up 23 MBs on the host device.

For those whose devices are capable of running the app, it does indeed represent quite a magical solution for playing real money online poker on the go. It allows players to sign into the poker room using their existing 888 Poker usernames and passwords, but at the same time, it also gives players the possibility to open a new account right through the app. Players will be able to access the cashier through the app, in order to deposit or to withdraw funds. They will also gain access to the 888 network, which means that they’ll be playing against the players who use the PC-based downloadable software to connect.

Mobile players can engage in real money action or they can hit the play money tables, but with all those advantages, the software does have a few rather striking shortfalls as well: multi tabling is not currently supported, so serious grinders will probably have to wait for an update to come out before they can seriously consider going mobile. The 888 Poker Android app only supports Texas Holdem play.

Once launched, the app will prompt players to either log in or to register. If they log in, there’s an option for saving their passwords, so they won’t have to type it in every time they log back in (a pretty important feature for touch-screen device users). Those who hit the register button will be taken over to a web-based registration form.

Once logged in, the lobby opens up. The lobby features the 888 Poker logo in the top left corner. The lobby can be accessed in logged in as well as not logged in modes. When not logged in, the welcome message in the top right corner of the lobby is addressed to ‘guest’. Players will be able to hit the play money tables while not logged in.

When logged in, the player’s online moniker appears in the top right corner, together with bankroll information. Players will also be able to access the cashier from the logged-in lobby.

Access to the tables is simple and straightforward. There are two tabs in the main lobby: the beginners tab and the quick seat. The beginners tab offers instant access to 3 cash games tables which feature various limits and betting structures. By selecting one of the 3 tables and hitting the ‘play now’ button, players will be able to jump into the action right away. The quick seat tab offers players the possibility to manually search for a table which suits their playing style/bankroll. Players will be able to set filters based on several criteria like game type, table type and stakes. The game type is basically about the three different Holdem betting structures: NL, FL, and PL. The table type refers to heads-up tables of full ring games.

The stakes selection is achieved with the help of a slider bar, which allows some pretty fine-tuning.

From the lobby, players will also be able to access the help section as well as the ‘settings’ section, where they can choose and set their avatars. The current avatar selection is wide and well-categorized, and navigation through it is simple and straightforward.

Once the ‘play now’ button is hit, players are shown a pre-table screen, where they get additional information on the table and where they can also set the amount of chips they’re willing to take to the table.

The actual tables feature some pretty stunning graphics, and by that we don’t mean they’re flashy and intricate, but rather that the whole thing is amazingly functional. The visibility of the cards is quite outstanding, even on devices with smaller screens. Even the chip stacks in play on the table can be seen perfectly well. There’s a chat section and the usual player avatars around the table, complete with stack sizes. Additional information can be obtained on each player, and there’s a tagging system in place too, which allows players to quickly identify those whom they repeatedly come across.

The user interface consists of the usual action buttons: Fold/call/raise and some auxiliary, pot-size related betting buttons. Players will be able to tweak the size of their bets through a slider-bar too. The action buttons seem a tad bulky, but they’re just optimized for touch screen-devices, which is indeed a welcome feature.

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